Image-based backup and disaster recovery for servers, desktops and laptops.

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Disaster recovery for virtual machines, servers and laptops

Ensuring rapid, reliable disaster recovery across your entire infrastructure can be complicated and costly. With Veritas System Recovery, you can minimise downtime and avoid the impact of disaster by easily recovering in minutes, whether you're restoring a single file or email to an entire machine—physical or virtual.

  • Reduce complexity with a single solution that protects servers, laptops and virtual machines
  • Protect data and systems quickly, efficiently and frequently with image-based backup
  • Minimise the disruption of system failure with fast, flexible, reliable recovery

Leverage a simple solution

Easily protect and recover business-critical assets

  • Use one interface to protect laptops, servers and virtual machines
  • Run a single backup job to protect a whole machine, including the system, data and applications
  • Restore granular objects direct from the storage device

Get efficient protection

Protect quickly, frequently and effectively

  • Minimise storage consumption by protecting only those data blocks that have changed
  • Benefit from rapid performance with image-based backup
  • Achieve quick, automated restore, direct to the data source

Enable reliable recovery

Ensure recovery, whatever your choice of hardware

  • Get trusted bare metal restore to the same or different hardware
  • Recover individual Exchange emails, SharePoint documents, files and folders or whole machines
  • Automatically duplicate backup data to the cloud or a second site for additional resilience

New in Veritas System Recovery 16

Enhanced with support for the latest Microsoft platforms

With Veritas System Recovery, you can confidently recover the latest offerings from Microsoft, including Windows Server 2016 and SQL 2016.

  • Get support for Windows Server 2016, including ReFS and UEFI, with all System Recovery features
  • Add parity support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016
  • Gain full support for Microsoft SharePoint 2016
  • Enjoy support for VMware vSphere 6.0
  • Leverage incremental backup support for Linux

Recover from disaster fast

Get back in production in minutes, not hours or days

Now you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to bring systems back into production. With System Recovery, you can boot direct from a running or cold system and restore the entire system, physical or virtual, Windows or Linux, as fast as your disk storage can read and write.

  • Run hot or cold recovery
  • Experience high performance, limited only by your hardware
  • Get support for Windows Server and laptop operating systems